The Methoria Campaign
High Mana, High Sanctity, High Fantasy

The Basics:

A Fantasy Campaign in a World Highly Influenced by Magic and Religion, meaning that most of the Gameworld is a Area of High Mana AND High Sanctity. These Factors in Methoria have contributed to the development of an Unusual Technology Level. There is Printing, Mass Production, and a State of Intellectual Revolution, yet certain aspects of its Technology have been Stunted by an Affluence of Magic in Society. There exists no Gunpowder or anything more than a Simple Machine. In fact, the Tech Level has Rested at TL4+ for Nearly One Thousand Years.

New Characters Should be Created based on 100pts. There is a limit of 45pts in Disadvantages and 5pts in Quirks. Most Fantasy Races are Allowed.

The Current Schedule Is: Tuesday Nights at 7pm Central On WebRPG.

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